BBQ Kale chips recipe

My best friend is a food lover and today when he was with us he was hungry but it was midnight and all the restaurants were closed and in a while I realised that he was getting all cranky, we were not aware that if he doesn’t get food he gets all cranky but as soon as I realized that it’s happening because of food I got an idea to invite everyone at my place for midnight snacks, the problem with my best friend is that he only eats healthy he is a gym freak so he doesn’t eat junk food he loves everything that’s green and eatable.

For the health freaks I have a recipe that does not take much time and is healthy as well, my best friend fell in love with this recipe as he got tasty healthy food and now it’s been a week since he has been asking me to make it again for him though it doesn’t take much time I’m still not making it for him as he keeps irritating me, guys you should never irritate your best friend especially the one who can cook. My best friend can’t cook and I can so now he has to take me out for shopping as the bribe but you guys don’t have to take me out so the recipe and all the ingredients are mentioned below.

Ingredients –

  1. Properly washed, dried kale (1 bunch)
  2. Olive oil spray
  3. Seasoning

Ingredients for BBQ seasoning-

  1. Chile powder (02 tablespoons)
  2. Brown sugar (02 tablespoons)
  3. Garlic powder (01 tablespoons)
  4. Salt (01 tablespoons)
  5. Dry mustard(½ teaspoon)
  6. Paprika (¼ cup)

Directions –

  1. Heat oven to 275 degrees.
  2. Take a parchment paper and a baking sheet and place in a line
  3. Take kale and remove all the thick stems, once removed discard them
  4. Now you need to tear the leaves into small pieces.
  5. Now lay your leaves on the baking sheet.
  6. Spray olive oil on the kale leaves, evenly
  7. It’s time to bake
  8. Bake till you feel they have not turned crispy, once you see their edges have turned brown and they appear crispy, stop baking.
  9. Baking can take 16 to 20 minutes.
  10. Time to make the seasoning
  11. Mix all the ingredients required for making the seasoning in a small size bowl, that’s all with the seasoning
  12. Once done making the seasoning, sprinkle seasoning on the baked kale leaves and simply serve.

That’s all with the directions and ingredients, now I will be heading towards the mall as the hungry kid is waiting there for me and I m going to take my revenge he irritates me and I’m going to irritate him by making him carry all my shopping bags and by making him pay for the gas, I will even irritate him by talking non-stop and in the end I will not give him the recipe as if I will give him the recipe he will not need me so I will make it for him but the recipe will stay with me forever as a secret.

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