BBQ Swiss chicken recipe

My mom and my sister both are out of town, mom is out for some official work and my sister for some college trip, both the ladies of my house challenged me and my dad that we can’t cook but they don’t know that we can we just don’t, because we are too lazy for that but now that they have challenged us and now we have the opportunity to prove them wrong we wont leave the chance, more to it they would come back all tired so I and dad thought to be good humans and cook for them, we will feed them and win the challenge as well so we are going to make bbq swiss chicken for mom as she loves chicken and easy foil bbq potatoes for my sister as she doesn’t eat much of chicken

BBQ swiss chicken

Ingredients –

  1. Skinless, boneless breasts
  2. Bbq sauce
  3. Char-Broil Electric Smoker Machine
  4. Cheese slices
  5. Crumbled bacon

Directions –

  1. Take a baking pan, use a coated one.
  2. Use cooking spray.
  3. Take bbq sauce and cover chicken breasts with bbq sauce.
  4. Place chicken breasts in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.
  5. Grate cheese and put it on the top of the chicken piece.
  6. Place back in until you cheese melt.

Easy Foil BBQ Potatoes –

  1. Potato (01)
  2. Spanish onion ( ¼ )
  3. Butter (03 tablespoons)
  4. Salt
  5. Pepper
  6. Aluminum foil
  7. Olive oil (03 tablespoons)

Directions –

  1. First of all, scrub your potato and then simply slip it till the bottom
  2. Once done with potato slice your Spanish onion
  3. Put butter on them
  4. Use the magic trick of sprinkling pepper and salt
  5. Put some olive oil
  6. Play the game of wrapping slit onion and potato in the foil, freeze
  7. Once froze put it in bbq and as always close lid
  8. Grill till they turn soft
  9. The procedure would take an hour.
  10. Open the package which is filled with amazing stuff, add some seasoning.
  11. That’s all

I’m just waiting for my mom and sister to come home and be shocked because I and dad are way too lazy, the dishes that we made even prove that we are lazy but we are totally proved of our laziness though mom is going to smile at first and scream at the end, not because we cook badly but because we have destroyed her kitchen and my sister is going to stand there and smile, mom and dad are going to fight and later on we all are going to laugh at what all happen, fighting is good if later on you get good food and at the end mom and my sister need to be proud of us.

We males need to understand that our moms, sisters, wife work way too much for us we need to pamper them as well because they won’t have been there then we won’t have been here too, we need to start valuing them and start pampering them because this world won’t have been the way it is today because they have magic that no one else has.

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